Great Ideas for Recycling Transferred Floppy Discs

Published: 12th April 2011
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Recycling transferred floppy discs after youíve converted them into CDs or flash drives can be a great way to help the environment and a fun activity for yourself or you and your family.

First thing is first- you need to transfer floppy discs onto a different storage unit. You donít want to start gluing, remolding, or donating old floppies if they still have significant information on them. Your old floppy disk memories may be holding some information you donít want to lose. You can send them away and let the experts transfer floppy discs for you or you can do it at home. If you have an old computer tower that still accepts them that is. Many new computers do not have slots for floppy discs so you may be out of luck. Whatever the case, get the information off the discs then get to the projects. Here are some ideas of what to do with all your old transferred floppy discs you have lying around.

ē Sell. There are many computer stores or pawn shops that accept (even buy) old things you may consider junk. Whether they are doing experiments for using the recycled parts in their old floppies or selling them to people with computers from the 80ís, they may graciously accept the offer to transfer floppy disks you have and donít want.

ē Donate. Many businesses, homes, and non-profits are not fortunate enough to have updated computers and software. This means they are still using floppy discs. Transferred floppy discs that are now empty or floppies with information on them are still useable to many people. Try going to a local charity for under privileged children and offering them. Even head over to a Salvation Army or school in a bad neighborhood and dropping off your box of floppy discs.

ē Craft. If you love crafts and have a home office this could be the one for you. Get creative with the transferred floppy discs sitting in your boxes and drawers. You have the glue, stickers, and paint. Youíve done this before with weirder items so get busy! Donít let another thing go and sit in a landfill of waste waiting to slowly destroy the planet Earth! Get green a little by reusing what can be reused!

Transferred floppy discs have many ways to be recycled. If you choose to donate, sell, or remold your floppy discs, youíre doing the right thing. Make sure you transfer floppy discs onto a reliable source before you do so though. As I stated, you donít want to lose or give away useful information you may regret losing in the future. Floppy discs (disks) have been around since the 1970ís but they still do have many uses. Recycling is an important and popular part of todayís society. Everyone needs to get on board to help save our planet. If you think thereís not a way to recycle something, just refer to the transferred floppy discs and youíll see that in face, everything, has its place in recycling.

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